Baju Renang Muslimah - SM27 (Plain Black Blue)
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Baju Renang Muslimah - SM27 (Plain Black Blue)

2 pieces muslimah swimsuit/swimwear; long pants, swimsuit with padding and separated cap/tudung. 

- Spandex-Nylon 
- Hight performance 
- UV protected 
- Chlorine resistant 
- Low water absorbency 
- Very quick drying 

Available size: 
M: weight 40-50KG 
L: weight 45-55KG 
XL: weight 50-60KG 
XXL: weight 55-65KG 
XXXL: weight 60-70KG 

Measurement : 
(M).. (L). .(XL)... (XXL).... (XXXL)
36. ..38. ..40. .....42. ....44...Lebar Dada (Ketiak)
33. ..35. ..37. .....38. ....40...Lebar Pinggang 
39. ..41. ..43. .....45. ....47...Lebar Pinggul

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